Balloon Decor in Columbia, South Carolina


When it comes to creating balloons, the ideas are endless, however, here we leave a list of the most outstanding products requested by our customers.

If you want something simple, that is full of color, and that is in the air, this design is for you, you can use it as centerpieces, to surprise someone on their birthday, decorate the entrance of an event, in short, it whatever you like

Surprise in a different and original way, that special person in his day, with balloon bouquets, personalized with his name, age or his favorite character.

Celebrate your parties with beautiful decorations, surprise your guests with incredible scenarios, and save the most beautiful memories!

They are our star products, and combined with our beautiful and amazing background supports, they make your events a luxury

The classic, never goes out of style, is that our balloon arches give a lot to talk about when you run into one of them

If you thought that the balloons only put air and helium, well, I tell you that no, we can create “Art” with them, if you do not believe me take a look at my gallery.

Fill your life with balloons! with this fantastic product, be it numbers, letters or figures, highlight your decoration with this amazing style

The Balloon Columns are also a classic, that will never go out of style, adapted to new trends, they will make your event, whether corporate, private or personal, look fantastic for the occasion.

Decorating the tables is always a dilemma, and how cool they look when we customize the centerpieces according to your theme


If you want to give and surprise sweetly our hot air balloons are ideal to sweeten the moment of that special person

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